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Winston + Mallory: Proposal

A few weeks ago, Winston reached out to me to see if I had any availability in my schedule to capture the moment he got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend, Mallory. He and Mallory are high school sweethearts and have been together for almost eight years. He knew that he needed to make this night special and he put so much thought into making sure everything turned out perfectly. Let me just say, all of his hard work payed off and the entire evening was just beautiful.

Winston made dinner reservations and told Mallory he wanted to head to Ault Park afterwards to "walk off the food." They do this pretty often so Mallory didn't think anything of it and agreed to go to the park. What she didn't know is that Winston was secretly texting a group of us who were already at the park setting up a special surprise. He had a great group of enthusiastic friends who set up an entire scene for him to propose in front of. Flowers, champagne, a photo book, and a map. Even though it was predicted to storm all day, the weather turned out perfect and the sunset was GORGEOUS. Winston didn't have time to check his phone once he got to the park, so the funny thing is that he didn't actually know where this little set up was. He just chose a direction, started walking, and eventually stumbled on this little scene.

Great news, she said YES! This was such a special moment and I am so unbelievably blessed that my job lets me be involved in such incredible days. While we were setting up the scene, one of Winston's friends looked at me and said, "wow, you have such a cool job!" and I really, really do. This is incredible. I actually photograph a good number of proposals, and usually the actual "down on one knee" moment is the only thing that I get asked to capture. Winston, however, wanted to go straight into taking engagement photos right after the proposal and I am SO glad he did. The lighting was absolutely phenomenal and I love the way that you can actually see how ecstatic they both are to be engaged!

The entire night was absolutely beautiful and I'm so excited for Winston & Mallory to enter into this next phase of life together. Thank you so much for letting me tag along and capture the bliss of the night and I wish you nothing but happiness in your future marriage!!

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