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Why You Should Consider A First Home Photoshoot

New homeowners stand in the snow in front of their first home together in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Are you in the process of moving? Maybe buying your first house? One of the things that I recommend doing once you get your keys is scheduling a photoshoot! I LOVE first home photoshoots, especially in an empty house! They're always filled with so much love, excitement, and accomplishment and I'm so happy to finally be able to share a few photos from Emilee & Nick's photoshoot in their first home with you.

Black and white photo of couple face to face while standing in the kitchen of their first home together in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I know that the process of buying a house is not an easy one and it can be SO stressful finding the perfect place for you to build your future. Once you finally find a place that you love and go through the process of making an offer, having it accepted, going through your inspections, and finally closing on it, I recommend getting photos taken in it while it's still empty. Your home will change so much while you live and make memories there, and having your photos taken in it while empty will help you look back and see how far you've come. You may paint the walls, change out the lighting fixtures, and add your own decor, but it's amazing to be able to have photos of you in the place where you'll have so many firsts before you even move in.

Couple hugs and smiles as they stand in the living room of their first home for their new home photoshoot in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Couple cuddles dog and cat while sitting in window seat and smiling at the camera in their first home together in Cincinnati, Ohio.

One of the things that Emilee said she was most excited about for these photos was that they would be able to use their home for photoshoots in the future and always be able to look back to see where they started. Right now it's just Emilee & Nick (and their two fur babies!) but they're excited to be able to take photos in such a special place throughout the years as their family continues to grow. When they eventually have kids, they'll be able to take their newborn photos, milestone sessions, and family photos here, and it will be so special to see how they change and grow together in their first home.

Husband kisses his wife's forehead as he wraps his arms around her while they sit on the stairs in their first home together in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Your first home will be filled with so many memories as you build your future in it, and I love that more and more couples are starting to document the start of a new journey with a photoshoot in their new space. I know that Emilee and Nick will treasure these photos and I love that they'll always be able to look back and have these to document their memories!

Black and white photo of couple kissing under a chandelier in the hallway of their first home together in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Buying your first home is such a huge accomplishment and celebrating the occasion with photos is absolutely the way to go. I am so excited that Emilee and Nick get to start the journey of being homeowners together and I can't wait to see how their home and family change as the years go on. Congratulations again, Emilee & Nick! Your home is absolutely beautiful!!

Couple celebrates buying their first home with a photoshoot. They sit looking at one another in the hallway of their new home.


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