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Theresa + Gean: Wedding Day

I am so excited to finally be able to share Theresa & Gean’s wedding day with you. I couldn’t imagine a better start to my 2021 wedding season or imagine a more deserving couple for such a beautiful day. I first met Theresa last year when I made the trip up to Carmel, Indiana for her sister’s wedding and I absolutely fell in love with their family. When Theresa reached out and asked me to photograph her wedding as well, I was over the moon. Since Gean has been living in Brazil, he and Theresa have been doing long distance for the past few years and have constantly run into issues with wedding planning (thanks, COVID!) They've been engaged since 2019 and were finally able to come together as one a few weeks ago!!

Bride and groom stand together in front of a row of evergreen trees as they hold the bride's bouquet of pink flowers and smile at the camera in Carmel, Indiana.

I started the day off by making the trip from Cincinnati to Carmel and the perfect weather let me know that it was going to be an incredible day. Theresa and her bridesmaids were laughing while getting ready while Gean and his groomsmen were hanging out and playing cards in the basement below them. There was plenty of food to go around and it was so nice for each side of the wedding party to have their own space to spend the morning relaxing! Theresa had the cutest set of white heels and wore jewelry passed down throughout the years from her family. Her dress looked as if it was absolutely made for her to wear and she and her bridesmaids spent the day before organizing and putting together all of their own bouquets (how special! Plus, those COLORS?! My heart!) The Spech’s family dog, Gracie, wondered throughout the house happily greeting whoever looked her way. After Theresa’s mom and grandma helped her get into her dress and add her final accessories, we were on our way to the church!

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church is so incredibly beautiful and I always love the photos I’m able to take there. Gean had the absolute SWEETEST reaction to seeing Theresa walk down the aisle towards him (I melted!) and the two of them together were just bubbling with happiness. After the ceremony they had a bubble send off while exiting the church before greeting their guests. This was such a fun touch and I love how these photos turned out. Gean and Theresa both look so happy and I love that you could also see the joy on all of their family & friend’s faces as well. After the bubble exit we headed back into the church to take a few family photos!

Once all of the family photos were taken we headed back to Theresa’s parents’ house to take the rest of their formal photos. Since I’ve worked with a lot of the people in this bridal party before, I knew that they would be a fun group again, and they were! The colors that Theresa & Gean chose went together absolutely perfectly and I love how all of the bridesmaid dresses were different shades of pink. After we took all of the group shots of the entire bridal party, it was time for portraits with the bride and groom! I’m not even exhagurating when I say that Gean and Theresa are the absolute CUTEST together! The way that they each look at the other absolutely melts my heart and I feel like you can actually see how much they care for one another just by watching them. They would completely melt into one another as I was posing them for photos and they were truly perfect. Gean calls Theresa his princess and I love that Theresa truly does look like royalty with her dress and tiara! They shared a glass of champagne before heading off to their reception!

Since the pandemic provided so many travel restrictions and border closures, Theresa and Gean went through a lot to get Gean back into the states. Because there was so much uncertainty surrounding this, all of their details came together quickly once they got the go ahead. Up until a week or two before the wedding, the plan was for the reception to be held at Theresa’s parents’ house. At the last minute, they let me know that they managed to find a venue and passed along the address to me. I didn’t think much of it beforehand, but when I arrived at their new reception location, I can assure you that my jaw DROPPED. The Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion is an all glass building surrounded by gorgeous gardens. The all white space (and gorgeous ceiling drapery) were any photographer’s dream and I absolutely LOVE all of these reception photos. The space was truly incredible and I loved every moment spent here. Theresa & Gean had the cutest first dance, sweetest cake cutting (Gean told Theresa that they didn’t cut enough cake because he wanted a full piece to eat! How funny!), speeches from their bridal party, and a great night of laugher, memories and dancing. Since Gean’s family wasn’t able to make it to the wedding, we were able to get a few photos with pictures of them in frames since they definitely weren’t forgotten on such a special day.

I am so thankful that Gean & Theresa trusted me to document such a special day for them. Most of the weddings that I photograph are able to have all of their family and friends on the guest list, so I know that I spend my day capturing memories for not only my couples, but also their families. Since Gean’s family wasn’t able to physically be there with him on his wedding day, I knew that my job was more important this time. Instead of capturing memories for them, my job was to tell the story of his big day for them so that they feel like they were there. They’ll treasure these photos and know how happy he was to have finally married his princess. I’m honored to have been trusted with such an important job and I’m so thankful to have such an awesome job. Thank you, Theresa & Gean! Congratulations again, you two deserve nothing but the best!!!

Newly married bride and groom hold hands as they walk out of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church in Carmel, Indiana as their guests stand around them and blow bubbles to provide a gorgeous bubble exit from their ceremony.

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