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The Weiss Family

My heart is SO full! I finally got to take photos of the Weiss family again! I took maternity photos for Monica & Eric when they were pregnant with Jackson, then Jackson's birth and Fresh48 photos as well. Jackson had his first birthday back in February and now that he's walking, it's finally time for updated family photos! This family is the absolute sweetest & I'm swooning over their photos!

Even though Cincinnati has had so much rain over the past few weeks, we were lucky enough to get a warm evening filled with beautiful sunshine. We headed out to one of my favorite locations and got to work! Jackson was in a great mood (especially for it almost being his bedtime!) and these photos are so full of love and laughter.

So many of the families I work with book family sessions with the goal of capturing great photos of their kids. While there's nothing wrong with this, I absolutely love that Monica requested that she & Eric take a few photos of just the two of them. This little family started with just the two of them and I think it's so important to document their love as it grows throughout the years, too!

I remember first sitting down with Monica over coffee wayyyy back when we started planning one of her first sessions with me. As we talked, the conversation drifted away from the topic of our original meeting & after our meeting was over, I remember getting in my car & thinking, "wow, she's such a nice person! I wish we could be real life friends!" Flash forward and here we are! Monica has now become such a dear friend of mine and it's been fun to spend time with her and her little family over the years! We always have a great time running errands or walking at the park with our babies, oh you know, my fur baby & her Jackson ;) I still can't believe how much Jackson has grown and watching him run around the park for photos was so, so much fun.

I am so thankful that Monica & Eric keep trusting me to capture such special moments in their little family. They're honestly the sweetest and I'm so lucky to not only have them as great clients, but also wonderful friends!


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