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The Weber Family

This past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of working with the Weber Family. While their session was originally intended to be a first birthday shoot for Madi, they were able to get the entire family together and get a few updated family shots as well! The entire group was full of laughter and even though it was WAY hotter than we all expected, they all had the absolute best outlook on this crazy humidity.

When Kathy and I first started planning this session, location wasn't even a question. The Weber's GORGEOUS family farm made the perfect fit. Their old red barn provided a backdrop with a pop of color, texture, and history while the greenery and flowers around their home balanced off their gallery. Madi LOVES to smell flowers and it was so much fun to let her smell the different ones around the house and then (of course!) try to taste them :) She has the best little smile and the bluest eyes and loved all of the fun things everyone would hand her to help keep her attention and look at the camera.

The love that the Weber Family shares was so obvious to me. They almost made my job too easy with how willing they were to smile and laugh and just enjoy spending time together as a family. Madi is absolutely SURROUNDED by the very best people and I really hope they treasure these photos of her at such a young age. I don't usually get to work with families, but it's always so refreshing to be able to. I'm so excited to deliver the rest of the photos in their gallery back to them later this afternoon!


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