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The Schweickart Family: Fall 2019

I can't believe that it's already been a year since last I photographed the Schweickart Family. They live up in Columbus but have come to Cincinnati several times for photos over the past few years and I think the photos from this year's session are some of my favorite yet. All the kids were so full of energy & in such GREAT moods and we were able to make it through photos this year without any tears! We had so much fun running around, playing games, and striking poses for photos and I am so excited to share this session with you.

We decided it would be fun to meet at Sawyer Point Park again this year, but unlike last year, we had an absolutely GORGEOUS day. It was warmer than usual for early November and we had a beautiful sunset behind us. It was so nice to have a clear day and no rain!! It was also so cool to see how much each kid had grown up over the past year and watch as their personalities came out through these pictures.

I've always said that the biggest compliment you can give your photographer is going back to them when you need photos again in the future, but it's something else completely when a family trusts you to document them together year after year. :) I am SO thankful that this little family not only trusts me to capture the love between them each year, but that they also think their photos with me are worth the little road trip to get. I threw quite a few extra "fun" shots into their gallery this year and I am so, so excited for them to see the rest of their photos here soon. Thank you so much, Schweickart Family!!


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