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The Naquin Family

Even though I'm 100% a summer person, I absolutely LOVE what fall brings from a photography standpoint. The changing season always comes with beautiful colors, cooler evenings, and happy families! This past week, I was finally able to meet & work with the entire Naquin Family and I am so excited to share a few of the photos from their session!

I actually went to high school with Lydia, but she and her family now live down in Louisiana. I've watched her family grow via social media for years now and am SO glad I was finally able to document this time in their lives for them. They traveled back to the Cincinnati area for Kaylee's 6th birthday and made time in their busy schedule to meet up with me for photos! What an honor!

I had so much fun running around with Kaylee and Nora as they explored the open fields and expanded their rock collection. Their gallery is full of happy smiles & loving moments, but also balanced with plenty of shots of sisters just being sisters :) I can't wait for you guys to see the rest of your photos with your final gallery here soon! Thanks so much for trusting me!


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