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The Jarvis Triplets: 2nd Birthday

This is my second year photographing the Jarvis family and they're always SO much fun to work with. Harvey, Aggie Jo, & Woody just celebrated their second birthday and I can't believe how grown up they already look! When we took their first birthday photos last year they weren't even able to stand on their own yet, but this year we were chasing them around the park! We had an absolute blast running around Smale Riverfront Park and hanging out in one of our last (warm-ish!) fall evenings. The triplets had so much fun being able to explore a new place and, because they did such a great job, we even got to go inside and take a few photos with the fun carousel! Christina & Jeff are absolutely incredible parents. They make life with three two-year-olds look way too easy and even though they always joke about welcoming me to their circus, they make it look like the best, most organized, and packed full of love & laughter circus I've ever seen. I always have the best time working with this family and I can't wait to see how much these three grow over the next year! Happy Birthday, Harvey, Aggie Jo, & Woody!! You three are SO loved!


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