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The Gergel Family: Christmas 2022

Extended family gathers in front of Christmas decor setup in the Ballroom at Studio821 in Newport, Kentucky.

I couldn't imagine a better family to kick off the 2022 Christmas season with! I always love working with Andrea & Andy and am SO beyond excited for them to have just become parents! To document the occasion, they decided that they wanted to take a few updated photos with their precious baby girl and their extended family. Since Christmas is right around the corner, they decided to go all out and just get holiday photos out of the way early, too! This is the sweetest group of people and it was so wonderful to finally be able to meet little Rio. Andrea and Andy are the absolute best parents and it makes my heart so happy just to see the way they look at their daughter. We were able to get such a great mix of photos and I love how these turned out!


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