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The Cook Family

This past weekend I was able to work with the absolutely sweetest little family. I first met Kylee and Chris back when I was in college & we were all working retail together. Since then, they moved to and temporarily lived in Hawaii and had their son, Jensen. He is the cutest little man and definitely kept us all on our toes throughout their session! They also brought along their pup Lucy for a few photos, too & she just stole the show!

The majority of the sessions that I book are scheduled to take place at sunset, but with the longer days that summer brings, it can be hard to keep kids up late. Because of this, we opted for a sunrise session instead, and let me tell you, it was PERECT. We went to one of my absolute favorite shooting locations and I'm pretty sure I love this place more in the morning than in the evening now! It was so strange to have the light coming from a different direction, but it allowed us to use spaces here that I normally can't!

Throughout this session, we let Jensen explore and it was so sweet to see what caught his attention. He loved finding new rocks to share with mommy and daddy and leading the way as we moved from place to place. His giggles were contagious as Chris tickled him and he loved the freedom of running around in the open fields as we took a few photos of Kylee and Chris alone together. This entire family is absolutely precious and I'm so excited that they asked me to take these photos for them!

Kylee & Chris, thank you for trusting me to take these photos for your little family. You all were SO much fun to work with and all of your sunrise photos look so dreamy! It's so sweet to see how much love you all have between you and I'm so excited that you guys finally got to move back home to Indiana!


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