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The Biddle Family

Earlier this week, I had the absolute please of meeting and working with The Biddle Family for the first time. I don't photograph families very often, but when I do it's always so refreshing. This group was so happy and easy going and they made my job SO incredibly easy. We met up at one of my all time favorite locations and starting going through our list of different combinations of family members (so helpful to have with big families!) and had a blast. Kids are always so much fun to work with because they keep me on my toes, haha! It's always great to think of ways to help hold their attention & keep their smiles and these three little ones were absolutely FABULOUS at being in front of the camera. We rotated from posed shots with smiles to action shots of piggy back rides and running around. This entire family was a blast to work with and I'm so excited for them to see the rest of their gallery here soon :) For now, enjoy these previews!


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