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Sidney + CJ: Clovernook Country Club Wedding Day

I am so beyond excited to finally be able to share this special day with you! I've been photographing Sidney & CJ every year since 2016 and I am absolutely thrilled that this year I was able to capture their vow renewal for them. They postponed their originally scheduled wedding day due to COVID and decided to elope in August of 2020. After months of waiting, Sidney & CJ were finally able to celebrate their love with their friends and family and renew their vows earlier this month! The icing on the cake? Their son Samuel was born in July and was able to be included in their vow renewal ceremony & celebration! This day was SO sweet and I am so excited to share these photos with you.

Bride sits in chair at the Clovernook Country Club in Cincinnati, Ohio and looks out the window as her new husband stands and rests his hand on her shoulder and looks in the opposite direction on their wedding day.

I started the day by meeting Sidney & her friends at The Clovernook Country club. Since Sidney & CJ were already married, they decided to cut out a lot of the standard “wedding day traditions.” This meant that they invited their friends to get ready with them, but they didn’t want them to act as a bridal party by wearing matching outfits or walking down the aisle during the ceremony. This helped create a relaxing atmosphere and stress free schedule for the day. We spent the morning together chatting, hanging out, and just having a great time! Sidney did end up having a smallllll accident while filming a TikTok video and broke one of her toenails off. Because of this she, wore her orange Crocs throughout the day since her foot wouldn’t fit into her flats! (It adds to the memories!) One of my favorite moments throughout the entire day happened after Sidney had her first look with her bridesmaids. She was all dressed and ready to go, but hadn’t seen herself in the mirror yet. As she stood in front of it for the first time, she couldn’t even open her eyes before getting emotional. She already knew how beautiful she felt and how special of a day it was without even seeing herself all dressed up. SO sweet.

While I was hanging out with Sidney, my awesome second shooter Sam was hanging out with CJ & his friends in a room down the hall. CJ had the coolest & colorful shoes that actually ended up matching with Sidney’s crocs perfectly! The guys spent their morning hanging out, playing putt-putt, and taking care of sweet little Samuel!

Once everyone was ready, it was time for Sidney & CJ’s first look! When they eloped last year, Sidney wore a simple dress because she wanted to save this one for their celebration. This meant that CJ hadn’t seen this dress yet and his reaction was SO sweet! When Sidney walked up behind him, she asked him if he was ready to see her and he responded with “I don’t think I’m ready yet!” and she replied with “me neither!” as she started tearing up. The emotions in this moment were so powerful and I love that you can see the joy and love they have for one another in these photos.