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Sarah + Joe: Engagement Photos

Oh my gosh. I am absolutely swooning over Sarah & Joe and their dreamy waterside engagement session. Everything turned out absolutely PERFECTLY and I am so excited to share these photos with you.

I met Sarah & Joe while I was photographing Sarah's twin sister's wedding this past August. I am absolutely thrilled that I now get to work with her awesome family again next year for Sarah's wedding, too! It's always so much fun to step into the lives of the families I work with on wedding days, but it's even better when I get to go back and work with them a second time. Sarah & Joe were SO much fun to work with and I already know that they'll be an absolute blast on their wedding day as well.

When we all met to talk about the details for their wedding day, we also started planning their engagement session. Most of the couples that I work with don't have a specific location in mind when it comes to engagement photos, but when I asked Sarah & Joe they both looked at me with huge smiles on their faces. They knew exactly where they wanted to go and it ended up being absolutely gorgeous for photos.

Joe actually lives right across the street from this little location gem and the two of them hang out and explore this area pretty often. I will admit that I was just a litttttle bit nervous about where we would end up as I was driving down all of the single lane roads through the woods to get to this place, but I was blown away once I got out of my car. This location was pure magic and so perfect for photos. It's also extra special because Joe and Sarah already spend so much time here!

As we were walking around exploring, I complimented them on how much I liked their outfits and how well they fit with the vibe of this location. Do you want to hear an adorable little story to go along with this already perfect session? These are the same outfits that they both wore on their first date together! WHAT! How cute is that??? Once we finished up by the water, Sarah asked if we could drive up to the top of the hill that was providing all of this nice shade for us. I agreed and was once again speechless once we got to the top. HELLO PERFECT GOLDEN HOUR SUNSET. I honestly don't know if I've ever seen a better sunset for photos. This was absolutely incredible.

Sarah & Joe, thank you so much for trusting me to come out to your perfect little hideaway and for letting me document this moment in time for you. The next few months will fly by and soon we'll be taking your wedding photos! I am so excited!


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