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Sam + Kyler

For the past few weeks, Sam and I have been planning to get together for a photo session with her boyfriend Kyler and their puppy Cooper. I LOVE puppies, and Cooper is about as cute as they come! He was absolutely precious and it was so nice to finally be able to meet him. We were able to get an absolutely gorgeous night for photos and this little trio made my job way too easy.

For those of you who haven't had a session with me yet, I like to make things fun. I think photos are boring if you only stand in one spot to look at the camera and smile, so I like to get my clients moving. Some of the things I ask you to do may make you feel a little crazy, but the genuine laughter, emotion, and movement that I'm able to capture makes all of those moments when you question what in the world I'm asking you to do absolutely worth it. Sam & Kyler's session was no exception, the looks on their faces let me know they thought I was CRAZY for asking them to do certain activities for pictures, but after a few photos in, Sam looked at me and said that, one, she could tell that I love my job (I really do!!) and two, she trusted that I was getting great photos even if I was asking them to practically fall over while walking through the field we were in. Bottom line is, we had a blast and the laughter in these photos is so genuine and it absolutely melts my heart.

These two were able to laugh non stop and it made everything just flow together flawlessly. Even though it rained off and on throughout the day (and we had the craziest winds all morning!) we were able to get such a perfect evening for this session. It wasn't hot or humid and as a result of the way the clouds were moving around above us, we got a great mix of a dreamy sunset session mixed with the perfect storm brewing in the distance. I love the way that simple locations and outfits bring out the rawness and emotion between two people in photos and I'm so glad that Sam and Kyler asked me to capture this special time in their lives. Having just bought their first home and raising their first puppy together, life is a perfect mix of crazy and wonderful and I really hope these photos help them remember all the laughs they shared together this summer.


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