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Sam + Eric: Engagement Photos

As a photographer, almost all of my business comes from referrals. Usually those referrals are from past clients, but sometimes those referrals come with a really awesome story, and this referral definitely falls into that category! A few years ago, I booked myself a solo trip to Ireland because, well, why not? While I was there I met another traveler, Amanda. She was the sweetest person and we friended each other on Facebook while there. Flash forward a few years and one of her best friends from college gets engaged and is looking for a photographer in the Cincinnati area. She passes my name along and that's how I met Sam & Eric!! I'm SO excited to photograph their wedding next year (and see Amanda again!) and I can't believe how awesome the story that brought us together is! We met up for their fall engagement session this week and I am *obsessed* with how much Eric makes Sam laugh. They met through mutual friends a few years ago and are going to tie the knot at Walhill Farm and it'll be an absolute dream to photograph! I'm so excited!!


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