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Rachael + Derrick: Wedding Day

I first met Rachael & Derrick a little over a year ago at one of our very first wedding photography consultation meetings. Even though I meet with a lot of brides & grooms, these two absolutely stood out to me. As we sat down for coffee to go over a wedding day timeline & a must have shot list, the two snuggled up to one another in the booth across from me and I just knew that they would be SO much fun to photograph. Their wedding day was this past Saturday and everything came together beautifully. It was an absolute DREAM. The day started in Bright, Indiana when I met Rachael & her bride tribe at Extreme Definition hair salon. I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never had a bridal party in a wedding I've shot get ready at a salon, but I absolutely LOVED it. The morning sun came through the giant windows perfectly and all of the mirrors in the salon were so much fun to work with. Rachael looked absolutely stunning and there was a buzzing happiness in the air as everyone looked forward to the rest of the day. After everyone finished getting their hair done, we went back to Rachael's parents' house to finish with the last touches of makeup and to get dressed.

While I was spending my morning with the girls, my second shooter Abigail spent her morning at Derrick's family farm. She captured the guys getting ready before venturing out and taking a few groomsmen photos around the farm. I know that Derrick was so excited to take photos in a space so special to him and his family and he really did a great job incorporating the littlest details into his day. From the big family oak tree to the numerous family items Derrick carried with him throughout his wedding day, everything came together perfectly.