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New Beginnings, New Home!

Now that news is out, I'm so excited to share that David and I bought our first home! Ironically, our closing day was the Reds opening day (Cincinnati fans here) and we're both so relieved that the house hunting process is finally over. After putting in offers on three different houses and it not working out, we decided to just push the process off until Spring time. However, our relator called us one night and said she really wanted us to see a house that she was listing tomorrow. David and I agreed that this was NOT a house we wanted (it had a pool! So much responsibility!) but we would humor her and go take a look at it. Long story short, we fell in love and it's our first home! Funny how things work out like that . . .

Our new home is SO cute. We're working on renovations to make it our own, but we love the layout and it checked off just about all of the items on our wishlist. As a photographer, one of my favorite types of sessions are in home sessions. I jumped on the opportunity to take a few moments to set up my tripod and take photos of David and I in our completely empty house. I'm so glad that we did. So many things have already been changed, and these photos make me so happy because I know that I captured the absolute bliss that it was to walk into our home for the first time that day.

As many of you know, I'm currently rebranding EAC Photography to Dime & Zee Studios, LLC. If you missed this announcement, head over to my Facebook page to check out my live video & see why I chose that name and why it's so meaningful to me. When I walked into our house that day, the entire thing was empty. As I walked into our kitchen, I looked down and the only thing on the floor was a single dime. What a sign from my mom! How exciting to know that she was there with us in our new place.

This has been such a rollercoaster of an adventure and such a learning experience for David and I. We are SO excited to start in the next phase of living together as we enter into our last few months prepping for our wedding. Thank you all for your well wishes, love, and support! I appreciate all of my clients SO much because you're helping me live my dream and let me have the BEST job ever!


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