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Mommy & Me: Jess + Addy

I always LOVE working with Jess & Addy. We try to have a Mommy & Me session at least once a year and it's been incredible to be able to watch as Addy grows. I can't believe that she's already old enough to run around the playground and tell us all about her day. I remember taking her first photos in her nursery back in 2018 and it really just means the world to me that Jess keeps coming back to me for photos! Since they live in Columbus now, I always get to take a little road trip to meet up with them for their session and this year we finally got the BEST sunrise golden hour. I love how happy Jess and Addy both are in these photos and I think that it's so important to document their strong relationship throughout the years. Addy will be able to look back on all of these photos once she's older and see how much her mom loves and admires the incredible person she's growing into. Jess, thank you for always trusting me to capture these memories for you!!


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