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Mommy & Me: Jess + Addy

A few months ago, Jess reached out to me to schedule a Mommy & Me session with her daughter Adeline for Mother's Day. I don't typically work with families or babies anymore now that my wedding & boudoir sessions have started to take over, but I am so glad that we were able to meet up and take these photos. These two are the absolute sweetest and I couldn't imagine a better way to capture the special bond they share.

This coming Mother's Day will be my first without my own mom, and Jess was hesitant to reach out for this reason exactly. I think that because I don't have my mom anymore, I think this type of session is so needed. I would do just about anything for another good photo of my mom, let alone a good photo of my mom and I together! If I can help make sure that others get those great photos with their loved ones, I think that brings more meaning to my job and helps motivate me to keep going.

The last time I worked with Addy was actually around Christmas for her family photos. I can't believe how much she's already grown and she has gotten SO good at looking at the camera! Jess came fully prepared with different toys & books to make her smile and help keep her attention, but she was totally satisfied with just waving at the camera! It was the sweetest thing!

We met early Tuesday morning for a beautiful sunrise session and Jess picked such a perfect location. I'm not very familiar with the Dayton area, but Jess & Addy spent a lot of time going on walks in this park during her maternity leave and the warm sunshine mixed with the fresh greenery of spring blended together to make the perfect backdrop. Addy was cooperative throughout the ENTIRE session until Jess asked for one last photo of them both smiling at the camera . . . Jess was perfect! Addy on the other hand had other plans, haha! This was such a great way to start the day and I'm so excited that Jess loves her photos. If my May schedule wasn't so full already, I would have LOVED to do an entire day of Mommy & Me minis. Oh well! Maybe next year!


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