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Meg + Jacob: Wedding Day

I am BEYOND excited to share another 2019 wedding day blog post with you! Writing blog posts to recap all of the unique details of each of the wedding days I have the pleasure of capturing has officially become one of my favorite parts about my job. I'm so excited to finally take you along and show you how Meg & Jacob's day came together! I've worked with Meg several times in the past and it's always been a blast. It was such an honor that she also asked me to photograph her wedding. To start the day, I headed over to Meg's parents' house to take photos of the girls getting ready. Meg was actually a bridesmaid in one of the first weddings I photographed last year, so she asked if I could take a picture of her and her bride tribe upstairs on her mom's bed, just like we had a the wedding last year. After they all finished with hair and makeup, we headed upstairs to do just that. Wedding days are obviously so unpredictable and this was the moment the fun started! As soon as everyone sat down, the bed broke under them and they were automatically in a fit of giggles! It ended up being an easy fix, but we took a few photos of the group outside just in case :)

While I spent my morning with the girls, my awesome second shooter Amanda (with AC Photo ltd.) was busy taking photos of the guys. After getting ready at home, Jacob and his crew took a few fun photos out at the fields & in a local bar. I absolutely LOVE going back through the photos Amanda gives me because seeing how drastically different both of our mornings were just makes me laugh. The guys look like they had an absolute blast and I always find myself smiling going through all of the candid and goofy shots. Speaking of shots, jello shots & tequila?? They were ready to celebrate!

After spending some time at the bar, the guys met us at the venue. Meg & Jacob tied the knot at 1913 The Heartland Barn in West Harrison, Indiana. I've photographed quite a few weddings here and it's always one of my favorite venues. It's so easy to get a wide variety of shots without having to travel very far to the ceremony gazebo, white barn, railroad tracks, and swing. When we got to the barn, the girls finished getting ready and the guys headed out for a few more group photos. Meg & Jacob did not want to have a first look, but we did arrange a first look between Meg & her dad and then between Jacob and Claira (Meg & Jacob's ADORABLE daughter!) Meg and her dad's first look was absolutely precious and so, so emotional, but Claira had other plans during her first look with Jacob. She was absolutely adorable throughout the day and I'm so glad that we were able to capture so much of her personality in these photos.

Since we still had some time before the ceremony, we took the remainder of the (separated!) bridal party photos and individual bride & groom portraits. This wedding party was SO photogenic and they made getting group shots easy! This is also when the emotional aspect of the day started showing in the photos. These genuine moments just melt me. I honestly have the best job. People trust me to capture all of these absolutely precious memories and it's truly an honor.

It was finally time for the ceremony. Out of all of the weddings I've photographed, I think this was probably my favorite ceremony. The lighting was absolutely beautiful shining through the trees and the emotions were so intense. One of the things that Meg mentioned in one of our planning meetings prior to her wedding was that she chose me as her photographer because of the way that I captured the raw emotion in my photos. There is so much LOVE that just shines through these photos and it just amazes me. Watching as Jacob's mom walks him down the aisle and hugs him before taking her seat, seeing Meg's dad open his hand up to reveal the words "love you" written on them just as he starts walking with his daughter, and watching as Jacob is brought to tears seeing his stunning bride for the first time. This ceremony was truly incredible. It had just the perfect balance of happy tears and contagious smiles. All of the "flower children" were absolutely ADORABLE and they gave everyone quite the chuckle as they came down the aisle. Meg & Jacob were thrilled to finally be husband and wife. As soon as the ceremony was over, we gathered up the bridal party and extended family members to take a few more group shots.

After all of the bridal party & family portraits were done, we took a few moments to take photos of Jacob, Meg, & Claira. Claira was awesome for photos, as long as we were singing her favorite song! I had an entire group of enthusiastic family members and bridesmaids standing behind me singing to make her smile. It was wonderful. After a few family shots, Claira went inside while Meg and Jacob took a few moments to enjoy being married and model for me. My GOODNESS. These two. WOW. Just look at them, I can't even.

Now that all the "big" events for the day were over (they're married, hooray!) it was time for the reception! This night was FILLED with fun. It started off with one of the bridesmaids & groomsmen switching outfits for their entrance (a first for me! Definitely unique!) and quickly moved into speeches (tears!), cake cutting, bouquet and garter tosses, and dancing! It's always so much fun to take pictures at a reception where everyone is dancing (you get the funniest photos!) and this night surely didn't disappoint. The night absolutely flew by!

As sunset rolled around, I went to find Meg & Jacob and asked them if they wanted to step out of the reception for a few moments to take one last set of bridal portraits during golden hour. I think it's always so special to take this time to step away from the party and be together just to catch up. Wedding days are always so busy and it's crazy how fast time can just get away from you. Our golden hour was gorgeous and it made the perfect ending to a great day. Meg and Jacob, I wish you guys nothing but happiness and I'm so thankful you trusted me to come along and capture all of these memories from your day. Congratulations again!!

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