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Lydia + Liam: Engagement Photos

Lydia and Liam met while working together in college and they both spent our entire session giggling and making one another laugh. I absolutely love working with couples that bring out the best in one another, especially when our previously planned spring morning session ends up being a lot chillier than we imagined it would be! These two were absolute champs and their session in Covington turned out to be absolutely adorable!

This session had been planned for awhile, but what Lydia & I didn't know was that Liam was going to propose the day before. While I was walking towards the two at the start of our session, Lydia stretched out her left hand as she showed me her brand new, GORGEOUS ring that Liam surprised her with the day before! The happiness on both of their faces was absolutely incredible & I'm so excited we were able to capture the bliss that comes with a fresh proposal story!

The two are now planning an early January wedding for next year, and since I was a January bride myself, I'm extra excited to capture their wedding day. January weddings are cozy and beautiful and I can't wait to document all of the special moments big and small that come along with Lydia and Liam becoming husband and wife.

Lydia and Liam, thank you so much for trusting me to capture so many moments for you! I am so excited that this session turned into a beautiful engagement session and that we were able to document one of your first mornings as an engaged couple! Thank you for being troopers with the chilly weather and congratulations again! I'm so excited to document your wedding day next year!


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