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Louie + Marianne: Engagement Session

Last week, I met up with Louie & Marianne for their engagement session. I've known Louie for almost ten years now and it was absolutely wonderful seeing how incredibly happy Marianne makes him. It was so nice to be able to get to know her a little better as we walked around as well! We spent the evening exploring Newport, Kentucky taking photos & even though the humidity was INTENSE, their photos turned out fantastic.

Whenever I meet couples in Newport for a session, we usually end up walking across the bridge to shoot on the Cincinnati side as well. Because of the heat, I asked how they felt about exploring the streets that surrounded the levee just to see what we could find to work with on this side instead. They were up for whatever I wanted and I'm so glad I found a few new photo spots in the area to use in the future!

When I asked Marianne for her ring to take a few ring shots, she got excited and pulled a small music box out of her bag. She let me know that she had thought about this ahead of time and wanted to incorporate this box into the ring shots because it played their song on it. Is that not the most precious thing? This gorgeous little box not only made an excellent piece for her ring to sit with, but the sentimental meaning behind it just melted my heart!

I feel like we were able to get a good mix of shots in more of an urban setting along with shots that perfectly captured the gorgeous golden hour we had that night. Once we finished exploring, we headed back to the Levee to get back to our cars and we had the most MAGICAL sunset over the Cincinnati skyline. They were more than willing to take a few more photos & I'm so glad that we did. I had the best time with them and I'm so excited for them to see the rest of their photos in their gallery here soon!


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