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Libbey + Blake: Miami Township Community Center Wedding Day

I am so excited to finally be able to share Libbey & Blake’s gorgeous wedding day with you! They got married at the beginning of this month and everything about their day was so unbelievably dreamy.

Bride and groom stand together and hold hands while dressed in their wedding attire in a park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I started my morning off by meeting Libbey & her bridesmaids at her parents’ house. Everyone laughed and chatted while they finished up getting ready and once all of her bridesmaids were hidden away, Libbey started getting into her dress for a first look with them. At this point, Libbey & her mom were the only people who knew what Libbey’s dress looked like. They had gone shopping together and fell in love with THE dress and since her bridesmaids weren’t there to see it in person, Libbey decided it would be fun to wait and have a reveal with them on the day of the wedding. This moment was SO sweet and I loved all the genuine reactions to not only seeing Libbey as a bride, but also to seeing THE dress for the first time! Once this first look was done, we took a few photos before heading to the church!

While I was with Libbey & her bridesmaids, my incredible second shooter Sam was spending the morning with Blake & his groomsmen. From the looks of it, they also had a fun morning! Once they were all ready, they spent some time hanging out in the backyard and taking a few fun photos before heading off to meet us at the church!