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Libbey + Blake: Cincinnati, Ohio Golden Hour Spring Engagement Session

Newly engaged couple smiles at the camera while the woman rests her hand with her new ring on her fiancé's chest during their golden hour spring engagement photo session in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A few weeks ago, I met up with Libbey & Blake to take their engagement photos. We had an absolutely beautiful spring golden hour evening and these two were AMAZING to work with. They were up for anything I suggested and laughed throughout their entire session. The giggles they shared melted my heart and it's so obvious that these two are so unbelievably in love. Not only did we take the sweetest photos, but also an adorable engagement film that will be ready to share here in a few weeks! I'm already counting down the days until Libbey & Blake's July wedding day because capturing their big day for them will be an absolute dream! Thank you for trusting me to capture this special time for you, Libbey & Blake! You two are incredible!


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