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LeighAnn + Justin: First Anniversary

LeighAnn & Justin are about to celebrate their first anniversary and wanted to schedule an in home session to document the milestone. LeighAnn is a zookeeper and loves animals, so we knew we had to get photos of them with all of their awesome pets. As of right now, they have two cats, a snake, a bearded dragon, and two hedgehogs. After all of the sessions I've had with these two over the years, this one is by far my favorite because it really captures so many of the things that they love and the fact that we were able to take these photos in their first home just makes them that much more special.

LeighAnn and Justin have their wedding photos hanging up all over their house and it's such a good feeling knowing that they loved their photos enough to print them off and frame them! I absolutely love in home sessions because they really document a phase of life that may soon be forgotten. These two will be able to look back on these photos in ten years and remember their first home, LeighAnn's favorite purple wall, all of the different personalities their pets have, these photos show so much. At home sessions tell so many stories and really give an insight to lazy days cuddling at home that so many people don't appreciate. This session was SO much fun and I'm glad we were able to capture so many memories!!

LeighAnn & Justin, thank you so much for always trusting me to capture so many of your memories for you!! I loved finally being able to see your home and to meet all of your pets!


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