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Kim + Bryan: Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Reception

Bride with a pixie cut and white dress kisses new husband wearing black suit while standing in front of the landscaping at Receptions Event Center in Erlanger, Kentucky before their wedding reception.

Kim & Bryan were finally able to gather with their friends and family and celebrate their marriage! Even though they got married on their originally scheduled date this past January, they postponed their reception due to COVID. After almost a year, they were finally able to get together with their loved ones and celebrate their new marriage! We started the night off by taking a few bridal party, family, and couples portraits before we headed into the winter wonderland themed reception. All of these details came together beautifully and just look at that cake! Gorgeous! We had an incredible dinner and everyone danced the night away. So much fun! Congratulations and happy (almost!) first anniversary, Kim & Bryan!