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Kaylyn + Peter: Engagement Photos

Man holds onto his fiancé's hips as he dips her and goes in for a kiss as they stand in front of the Whitewater River in Harrison, Ohio.

Last week I met up with Kaylyn & Peter to take their engagement photos and oh my, how cute are they?!? I met Kaylyn a few years ago through work and remember when she texted me saying how excited she was to have met Peter. I can't believe that they're now engaged! I am so unbelievably happy for them to start this next chapter in life together and can't wait to photograph their wedding day next May. I'm absolutely obsessed with how versatile this location was (forest, fields, & water?! yes please! And look at that sun!!) and these two were a dream to work with. They were up for trying whatever crazy thing I asked of them and were nonstop making one another laugh. Such a fun session with such fun people! Congratulations again, Kaylyn & Peter!


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