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Kaylin: Boudoir

Boudoir gives such a boost of self confidence. I absolutely love working with all of the incredible women I get to meet by being a boudoir photographer and I can't even describe how great it feels to help empower them and show them how stunning they truly are. Last year I had my first boudoir session with Kaylin and she absolutely ROCKED it. We've now had three other sessions together since then and she's booked a mini session on every date I've offered them. She's really been an absolute dream client and I'm so glad I was finally able to gift her a session to just celebrate her!

Throughout our sessions over the past year, Kaylin has mentioned that she loves booking these sessions because of the boost of self confidence it gives her. She says that it's a luxury experience that lets her treat herself. Instead of getting her nails done every few weeks, she'd rather have a boudoir session every few months. Before working with her, I had really only viewed boudoir as a great wedding gift to your future spouse. I know now that I couldn't have been more wrong! Boudoir is a gift for yourself. Not just a session, but an experience. The confidence and happiness that radiates out of Kaylin after she spends time in the studio is phenomenal, a glow that's absolutely priceless. And that's before she even sees any of her photos!

Another reason that I treasure Kaylin as a client is because I know that she truly values her photos. So many people book sessions, order a book of prints, give them as a gift, and only look at them on special occasions. Kaylin saves all of her boudoir photos in an album on her phone and told me that she loves going back through them whenever she's feeling down. How incredible is that?!? Not only do these photos boost her confidence on the day of her session, but also for the weeks and months to come! That's amazing!

Kaylin, you are a rockstar and I love that you were able to do this session with me. Thank you for your constant support. I'm already looking forward to our next session together!


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