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Katrina: Senior Photos

We're now in the heart of wedding season and it was so refreshing to switch things up and have a senior session earlier this week! On Monday, I met up with Katrina and her family in Over The Rhine to take her senior photos. Most seniors schedule their sessions during the school year, but Katrina wanted to wait until after she graduated so that she could spent some time in the sun before getting her photos taken, and I LOVE that. We met up near Washington Park and started exploring the surrounding urban area and oh my goodness, she was WONDERFUL.

Katrina starts at the University of Cincinnati later this year and wants to become a teacher. She loves the way teachers help shape and create the next generation and wants to help be a part of that movement. After going through her orientation a few weeks ago, she said she's even more excited to start this next chapter of life and I couldn't be more thrilled for her!

About halfway through our session we took a break so that Katrina could change outfits. Her yellow top added such a bright pop of color the the urban setting we were in and these photos turned out SO great. I absolutely love shooting in OTR because there are just so many awesome backdrops, buildings, and alleys work with. This adds so much personality to an album and helps make sure that no two pictures look exactly the same. Katrina absolutely ROCKED her session and the urban background that OTR provided was a perfect fit for us. I can't wait for her to see the rest of her photos later this weekend!!


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