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Karah + Noah: Engagement Photos

Engaged couple kneels down on a cobblestone street in Covington, Kentucky and pets their dog while smiling at the camera.

I had the absolute best time working with Karah & Noah a few weeks ago for their engagement session and it made me SO excited to capture their wedding day for them next year! These two are high school sweethearts and have truly grown up together. We started off their session with their sweet pup in Covington and we were able to get a great mix of fall foliage & historic neighborhood vibes. One of the reasons we started their session off here was because we wanted to recreate a few of the photos Karah & Noah took together before starting a long distance relationship when they each went off to college. They had one of their last date nights here and we wanted to celebrate how far they've come and take engagement photos here, too! After a quick outfit change, we headed across the river to Downtown Cincinnati for a more urban setting and I think it's so crazy that the two states can look so different this time of year. Covington was filled with fall colors while Cincinnati still looked like spring/summer! I love that Karah & Noah were able to get the best of everything and I am SO excited to finally share their photos with you!


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