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Jimmy + Jessica: Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are always special, but there's just something about choosing the perfect location that can make them so much more sentimental. Last week, I met up with Jimmy & Jessica (and Jaycie!) for photos at their farm out in West College Corner, Indiana. This place was an absolute DREAM and these photos make me so excited about their upcoming September wedding day. They're gathering with their friends and family out on this same farm to say their vows and officially become Mr. & Mrs. Their farm is absolutely gorgeous and it will be INCREDIBLE to photograph their wedding here! There were so many different little spots that made for the perfect photo and I am so excited to share some of them with you. Jimmy was so proud of his tall green corn and Jaycie loved talking about how their cows were "skittish, but curious!" and Jessica loved the sentimental value of taking photos in front of the house they call home. We had such an incredible night for photos and I can't wait to be back here in a few short weeks to see how they transform the space for their wedding! Jessica & Jimmy, thank you so much for trusting me to take these photos for you! I hope you LOVE them!


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