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Jessica + Trevor: Wedding Day

I've said it a million times and I'll say it again, I absolutely LOVE my job. Being able to document a wedding day is such an absolute HONOR and I'm so incredibly blessed to work with the absolute best couples around. Jessica and Trevor tied the knot this past weekend and I am so excited to share the story of their day with you here. These two are surrounded by so much love from both of their wonderful families, and it was truly so much fun to meet and work with them all throughout the day. To start off the wedding festivities, I met up with everyone at Trevor's parents' house. They had a big tent set up from the rehearsal dinner the night before and it made for the PERFECT location for Trevor & Jessica's first look. Let me just say, this moment was SO sweet. After Jessica started wiping away her tears, she looked at Trevor and said, "why don't you wipe them away for me! That would make this so much better." It was sooooo precious!

After their first look, we headed out to the front of the house and took a few photos of Jessica and Trevor together and followed that with photos of the bridal party and immediate family. I have worked a LOT of weddings, and I will say, this bridal party was SO incredibly easy to work with. Everyone was so corporative and willing to smile and be happy for photos! When we got to the venue later in the day to take the group shots of the entire bridal party together, everyone was so willing to listen to direction and also willing to just have FUN with the photos! It was nice to move quickly and stay on top of the schedule of the day. It may have had something to do with the rain starting to come down, but you can't even tell in the photos! Plus, rain is good luck on a wedding day, right??

Because we were able to work quickly, we had just enough time to get a few more shots of Jessica and Trevor together as well as individuals of each of them. One of my favorite things about this wedding was that Jessica wore her mom's wedding dress and her Nana's wedding veil. She had pictures of both women on their own wedding days to add an extra sentimental touch and it was so special to see the look on her mom's face when she saw Jessica put her veil on for the first time to complete the look. There were a lot of special details spread throughout this wedding day, but this one was by far my favorite.

Now that everyone was 100% ready and all of the "typical" wedding day photos were out of the way, we headed over to the ceremony. Their ceremony was at St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish and this was the first wedding that I've worked where the couple had a limo for the day. I was invited inside to ride to and from the church with them. Let me just say, this is SUCH a fun bunch and watching as they all got to celebrate in the limo together so was great. I will be clear and say that even though I'm putting in these photos now, the majority of them were taken after the ceremony on our way back to the reception. I'm getting married in a Catholic Church next year as well, so I know that drinking before the ceremony is against the rules and I want to be clear that Jessica and Trevor reminded their bridal party on the way to the church that they couldn't drink before the ceremony :)