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Jenna + Tyler: Engagement Photos

I am so excited to share Jenna & Tyler's engagement session with you! Absolutely NOTHING went according to our plan, but we had an absolute blast and I think their photos came out great!

Those of you who live in Cincinnati know that we have had the craziest weather lately. Things switch from sunshine to pouring down rain in a matter of seconds and it's made planning sessions a little bit harder for me. Jenna and Tyler live in Florida and were only going to be in Cincinnati for one weekend, so we knew we wanted great weather for their session. We originally planned their session for a Sunday, but after seeing the forecast we decided to move it up to Friday night.

We had also originally planned for their session to take place at Smale Riverfront Park, but trying to find parking on the Cincinnati side was just about impossible. We didn't realize that there was a Reds game starting around the same time we were planning on meeting up and there were people absolutely everywhere. After sitting in traffic to get into the parking garage & them filling up right before it was my turn to go in, I messaged Jenna and said that if she wasn't in the area yet, just park in Newport instead. We met over on the Kentucky side with the plan of shooting around Newport on the Levee, but to our surprise Italianfest was going on! Lucky for me, Jenna and Tyler were totally up for starting their session in the crazy busyness that Italianfest was. It was so fun!

From there we ended up walking across the bridge and exploring Sawyer Point Park. Even though things weren't as we originally planned, it was so much fun just to go with the flow and work with a completely new location. Jenna and I worked together a few years ago, but this was one of the first times I have been able to meet and hang out with Tyler as well. I couldn't imagine anyone who would make a better life partner for Jenna and I'm so happy that they found one another in this crazy world. They were up to do whatever crazy activities I asked them to do and didn't even mind walking SO FAR to get all of these photos. It was so much fun to just hang out, chat, and get them a few updated photos!

We were able to get a good mix of fun & candid photos as well as a few more traditional photos to really get a good variety of photos in their gallery. I was also able to get a few shots of Jenna's ring and it's just GORGEOUS! So sparkly and it looks like it was made for her hand exactly! Absolutely perfect!

Jenna and Tyler, thank you so much for having me tag along on your date night to take your engagement photos! I'm so excited for you to see the rest of the photos in your gallery and I hope you have safe travels back to Florida!!


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