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Isaac + Rebecca: Lake Lyndsay Kayla's Korner Wedding Day

I can’t believe that my 2022 wedding season has come to an end, but I couldn’t have imagined a better couple to celebrate the end of the season with than Isaac & Rebecca! They got married at the beginning of November and I am so excited to finally be able to share the story of their big day with you!

Newly married bride and groom rest their foreheads together while standing in a field behind Kayla's Korner at Lake Lyndsay.

I started my morning off by meeting Rebecca and her bridesmaids at Kayla’s Korner at Lake Lyndsay. I had never been to Kayla’s Korner before so it was so fun being able to work in a new to me space! As Rebecca finished getting ready, I took photos of all of her details and candids of her and her girls. Rebecca’s hair was absolutely GORGEOUS in her braid and I love the accents of blue and silver flowers. Everyone spent the morning laughing and dancing and having fun before heading to the church for the ceremony!

While I was at Lake Lyndsay with Rebecca, my awesome second shooter Laura was already at the church with Isaac and his groomsmen. It looks like they had a great time hanging out and getting ready in the church nursery before going and taking some fun photos together outside! There were still a few fall leaves out that added a nice extra pop of color to their photos!

Once Rebecca got to the church, she had a first look with her dad and then a first look with her bonus parents before the ceremony began. This was the sweetest ceremony filled with love and laughter and I absolutely adore the way these two look at one another! SO sweet!!

After the ceremony we took a few family photos (those are for Isaac & Rebecca to share with you!) before heading outside for photos with the entire bridal party. We were so lucky that it wasn’t cold or rainy this day, but it was sooooo windy! We took a few photos at the church but decided we should head back to Lake Lyndsay and take the majority of Isaac & Rebecca’s couples portraits there in hopes that the wind would be better. Luckily it was! We were able to run through fields, get photos in front of the gazebo, and photos by the water!

Once we made it through our shot list, it was time to head into the reception! After making their big entrance, Isaac & Rebecca went straight into their first dance before starting a table dash! If you aren’t familiar with a table dash, it’s when a couple runs from table to table at their reception to get a group photo with each guest. The catch is, you only have the length of a song to do it! So much fun! We then had an awesome dinner, listened to the sweetest speeches, Isaac and Rebecca cut their cake and then danced with their parents. Rebecca tossed her bouquet and then it was time for all of the guests to come out to the dance floor. We gave everyone bubbles and let Rebecca and Isaac walk through their gorgeous bubble tunnel! It was so much fun and I love the way the bubbles look in their photos! After that everyone danced the night away!

Isaac & Rebecca, thank you so much for trusting me to capture such a special day for you two! Everything really did come together so beautifully!!

Bride and groom kiss while at their wedding reception at Kayla's Korner at Lake Lyndsay while their guests stand around them and blow bubbles at them.

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