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Isaac + Rebecca: Lake Lyndsay Kayla's Korner Wedding Day

I can’t believe that my 2022 wedding season has come to an end, but I couldn’t have imagined a better couple to celebrate the end of the season with than Isaac & Rebecca! They got married at the beginning of November and I am so excited to finally be able to share the story of their big day with you!

Newly married bride and groom rest their foreheads together while standing in a field behind Kayla's Korner at Lake Lyndsay.

I started my morning off by meeting Rebecca and her bridesmaids at Kayla’s Korner at Lake Lyndsay. I had never been to Kayla’s Korner before so it was so fun being able to work in a new to me space! As Rebecca finished getting ready, I took photos of all of her details and candids of her and her girls. Rebecca’s hair was absolutely GORGEOUS in her braid and I love the accents of blue and silver flowers. Everyone spent the morning laughing and dancing and having fun before heading to the church for the ceremony!

While I was at Lake Lyndsay with Rebecca, my awesome second shooter Laura was already at the church with Isaac and his groomsmen. It looks like they had a great time hanging out and getting ready in the church nursery before going and taking some fun photos together outside! There were still a few fall leaves out that added a nice extra pop of color to their photos!