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I'sha: Birthday Portraits

I am SO EXCITED to share this session with you! A few months ago I announced that I would be traveling to Colorado for a little photographer's retreat and said that I was open to booking sessions while I was there. I wasn't sure if I had any connections to the area and didn't think anyone would actually book anything, but to my surprise I'sha reached out and asked about booking a portrait session to celebrate her upcoming birthday. She made cupcakes and brought balloons to our sunrise session and let me tell you, Colorado is INCREDIBLE. These red rocks absolutely blew me away and I feel so honored that I was able to take these photos! I'sha subscribed to my YouTube channel after finding my videos about visiting Costa Rica a few years ago (which was way back when I only had 400 subscribers!) and it was such an honor to have met someone who has been supporting me since the very beginning! I'sha turns 22 on December 11th and is so excited that she's entering into her Taylor Swift year two days before Taylor Swift's birthday (if you know, you know! So nice to meet another fan!!) She also drove almost TWO HOURS to meet me at this awesome location. Isn't that incredible?!? I'm so excited that I was able to have such a fun session as my first ever destination photoshoot! It was so great to meet you, I'sha!!


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