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Hannah + Zach: Xavier University + MadTree Brewing Engagement Session

Newly engaged couple kisses while standing in the courtyard at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio while taking engagement photos.

I am so excited to have finally met Hannah & Zach and already can't wait to capture their wedding day for them this summer. Hannah & Zach are actually from Louisville & Chicago, but met in a chemistry class at Xavier University. They live in North Carolina now but wanted to have their wedding in the Cincinnati area since it offered a great middle ground between both sides of the family. As a photographer, I think it's so important to customize your engagement session to be unique to you and that's exactly what we decided to do with Hannah & Zach's session. We started off by taking photos at Xavier University outside of Logan Hall (where it all started!) before heading to MadTree Brewing. Their wedding reception is going to be at MadTree in June and I can't wait to recreate some of the photos we took during their engagement session when they're freshly married! I am absolutely thrilled that they made the trip up to Ohio to take their engagement photos with me and I am SO excited to see them again this summer! Congratulations, Hannah & Zach!!


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