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Golden Hour Portraits // Cincinnati, Ohio

I always absolutely adore working with Aubrey & Tyler. From running through fountains in downtown Cincinnati during their engagement session to battling the rain on their wedding day, these two are always up for anything. That's why I knew that they would be perfect for this fun little project I had in mind! Earlier this year, a few other local Cincinnati photographers and I filmed a "3 Photographers Shoot 1 Model" video for my YouTube channel and we had an absolute blast. We knew we wanted that challenge to be our first of many, so we asked Aubrey & Tyler to meet us at sunrise out in this absolutely gorgeous field. We had a very, very cold & windy morning, but we also had SO much fun! I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos below, and if you're interested in seeing more from the challenge, check out the video below for a FULL behind the scenes look at this morning and fun photos from Akayla & Sam as well!

Couple holds hands while walking through a field at golden hour and laughing together during engagement photos in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Woman wearing cream jacket and hat kisses her husband wearing buffalo plaid as they stand in a field during a golden hour sunrise in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Couple sits on the ground in a field near Cincinnati, Ohio at sunrise as they smile and look at the camera.

Woman wearing cream jacket holds onto her hat as she holds her husbands hand while they run through a field near Cincinnati, Ohio at sunrise.

A man stands behind his wife and wraps his arms around her as they stand together in a field at sunrise during their engagement session in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Black and white photo of a man and woman holding hands and laughing while they run through a field together while taking their engagement photos near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Man and woman face one another and touch noses while a ray of sun shines behind them during golden hour photo session near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Man and woman sit together in a field near Cincinnati, Ohio and kiss while taking engagement photos at sunrise.

Check out the video to see more from this session!


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