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Gabrielle + Tyler: RomWeber Party Place Wedding Day

I’ve been looking forward to Gabrielle & Tyler’s wedding day for what feels like years now and I’m SO excited to finally share a few of my favorite photos from their big day with you today!

Newly married bride and groom stand in front of a giant window on a brick building as they hold hands and smile at the camera on their wedding day at RomWeber Party Place in Batesville, IN.

So many hours went into planning this perfect day and everything down to the littlest details were incredible. Just look at this color palette! I started my morning off by meeting Gabrielle & her incredible bridesmaids in the bridal suite at RomWeber Party Place. This was my first time at this venue and I absolutely loved it! There are so many different places for photo opportunities and it was so much fun being able to explore! Once the girls were all ready, we took a few photos in their adorable pajamas before getting Gabrielle into her dress.

While I was hanging out with the girls, my awesome second shooter Colleen was spending time with Tyler & his guys! They were on the other side of the reception space at RomWeber Party Place getting ready at the same time.

Once everyone was ready, it was time for Gabrielle & Tyler to see one another for the first time! This was the sweetest moment and right afterwards we jumped right into taking photos of the two of them together! It was SO much fun being able to go out and explore the area around this venue and I can’t believe how perfect the weather was on this November day!

After finishing up with couples portraits, we brought out the bridal party! This group was so incredible and tons of fun. I am absolutely obsessed with the color scheme that Gabrielle & Tyler chose for their bridal party and it all came together perfectly. How gorgeous are these photos?!?

After finishing up with formal photos, we headed back inside for the ceremony! This ceremony was filled with love & laughter and when Gabrielle & Tyler were introduced for the first time as husband and wife, they put on their bengals jerseys to come back down the aisle together, how FUN!

After the ceremony, it was time for the reception! There was a competition for the bridal party to see who had the best entrance and this bridal party brought their best! Babies born, money flying, confetti popped, such a great start to the rest of the night! After entering, Gabrielle & Tyler starred their first dance, they each danced with their parents, we listened to the best speeches, and then we had a photobomb song! I’ve been loving the photobomb song trend lately. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s when you set up two chairs on the dance floor for the bride and groom to sit in. For the duration of one song, guests run in and out to photobomb the bride and groom! It’s such a fun way to get photos with your guests and everyone always loves it! After finishing with the photobomb, Gabrielle & Tyler cut their cake, we had dinner, and the dancing began. This night was SO much fun and all of Gabrielle & Tyler’s guests were out on the dance floor all night long. Truly the best ending to an incredible day!

Gabrielle & Tyler, thank you so much for trusting me to capture such a special day for you two! It was truly such an honor and I can't wait for you to see the rest of your photos!

Newly married couple stands in front of a photo wall with their last name at their wedding as they hold up their hands to show off new wedding rings at RomWeber Party Place in Batesville, IN.

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