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Gabrielle + Asa: Senior Photos

Gabrielle & Asa are both seniors at the University of Dayton and graduate together in December with engineering degrees. This past weekend, I took the trip up to Dayton to meet them both and take their graduation photos. Most of my clients don't opt for sunrise sessions, but Gabrielle said they would love to get their photos taken early on a Saturday morning and we were set! We had an empty campus, gorgeous lighting, and the best couple.

The University of Dayton's campus is absolutely beautiful and it was so much fun getting a personalized tour based on their relationship! We started our walk at the place they met, Founders Hall. When Asa asked Gabrielle to be his girlfriend, she originally said no. Later that same night, she texted him and asked if the offer was still standing and he told her that she would have to ask him in person. They met right in front of this building the next day and she did just that! The rest is history! We thought it would be fun to document the spot with photos of them together before we continued walking to find spots for individual photos as well.

After they graduate, Asa is planning on continuing his education in graduate school and Gabrielle already has a job lined up in Dayton. The two seem like a dream team and it was so obvious that they loved their school and one another immensely. The morning light was absolutely perfect and fall colors were in full swing. We eventually ended up at the campus chapel and were able to capture a few more dreamy photos there.

After finishing up on this side of campus, we hopped in the car to head over to the University of Dayton sign on the edge of campus. The rising sun was just peaking out behind it and it made for an absolutely perfect location to end our session. Gabrielle & Asa, thank you so much for trusting me to make the trip up to Dayton to document such an exciting time for you two! You both have come so far and your graduation is an accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated! I wish you both nothing but the very best & congratulations again!!


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