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Friendship Sessions: Mariah + Friends, Cincinnati, Ohio

Five women stand on the edge of a riverbank in Loveland, Ohio at sunrise and pop a bottle of champagne together as they celebrate their friendship with a photoshoot.

There’s nothing quite like kicking off your Saturday morning at 8 AM by popping a bottle of champagne on a riverbank in 30 degree weather! This session was SO much fun and reminded me why it’s so important to have a strong tribe of friends to support you through everything life brings. Mariah’s friends surprised her with a session to celebrate her moving into a new phase of life and all the changes that it will bring her. She thought she was just going to brunch with a friend but was so surprised to see all of her friends ready to support and celebrate her with photos! I had an absolute blast photographing this group and I’m so excited for Mariah to start this new journey! Friends are so, so important, don’t forget to support & lift up yours!


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