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Felicity + Eric: Adventurous Proposal Session

One of my (very big) dreams is to become an adventure & elopement photographer. After experiencing the feelings I had after my own elopement last summer, I knew I wanted to capture those emotions for other couples. While big weddings are so much fun, there's just something so incredible and intimate that comes along with getting outside & seeking adventure. Lucky for me, Felicity agrees that the mountains can be sooooo dreamy. She and Eric made the two hour drive to meet me while I was on my way to the lake this year and we were able to have such an amazing session. What's even more incredible? Eric decided to get down on one knee & ask Felicity to marry him. What! I know! I'm beyond excited to share today's blog post with you because these two are incredible.

I will absolutely say that this location was worth the 5 am wake up call & almost 2 mile hike uphill. Since we got there so early, we avoided most of the crowd and had the top of this little mountain all to ourselves. Felicity was an absolute champ hiking in her dress and I'm in LOVE with how these photos turned out.

Once we decided it was time to hike a little bit further & find another hidden lookout, we packed up our things & started off. My awesome husband was filming a behind the scenes video for my YouTube channel (more on that soon!) and started leading the pack. Felicity followed behind him and once she had her back to us, Eric pulled a ring out of his pocket & asked if it would be okay that he proposed to her. I was SO excited & knew the next location had to be special. Once we found the perfect spot, everything came together perfectly & Felicity said yes!!

The moment was absolutely beautiful and Felicity's ring is gorgeous! I'm so excited that I was able to document such a special moment for them in such an incredible place. Felicity messaged me after I eloped last year & told me that eloping somewhere beautiful would be a dream of hers if Eric would propose . . . well now they get to plan their dream day together & I'm so excited for them! The two also agreed to let me film a behind the scenes video for my YouTube channel to show how I work with my couples, pose them, and capture genuine emotion. I didn't have to do much to capture the emotion for this session since Eric made Felicity the happiest girl on Earth, but if you'd like to check out how their session played out, here's a link to their video!

Felicity & Eric, thank you for letting me document such a huge moment in your relationship for you! I am beyond excited for you to start building your lives together & making your dreams come true. Congratulations, again!!


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