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Family Photos: Cincinnati, Ohio

Four year old boy stands in the grass and holds hands with his grandma and grandpa as they all smile at the camera in front of the Roebling Bridge at Smale Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For Christmas this past year Kara decided to surprise her parents with a photo session with her son, Skylar. His adoption process had been finalized and she thought that photos with him would be a great gift. This session has been a long time in the making (we ran into just a fewwww scheduling hiccups and weather delays!) but we truly did get the perfect day! Skylar was on his best behavior throughout the entire session and I love that he'll now have photos with his grandparents to look back on when he's older. I would have LOVED having a session like this with my grandparents while I was growing up, so I know that he'll cherish these photos in the future!


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