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Eric + Emily: New Beginnings

The past few months have been such a whirlwind for David and I. We decided that it was time for (yet another, haha!) life change for us and we listed our house for sale. We both have such a special place in our heart for this house since it was our first home together, but it just felt like the right time to make the next move to chase our dreams, so here we are! After we decided to sell, I was nervous about who the next buyers would be. Would they use the pool as much as we did? Would they enjoy nightly walks around the neighborhood? Would they really appreciate the sun coming though the front window and watching the shadows of the tree dance across the hardwood floor as much as I did? I'm not sure if they ever will, but I do know that these two are absolutely perfect for this little home and I am so thankful that everything worked out and the keys are passed to them. Meet Emily & Eric.

Now I don't really know these two, but I do know that Eric and I both have tattoos in memory of the same friend who passed away back in 2015, so I do know that they're good people. Throughout our session they constantly made one another laugh and I could tell that they were both bubbling over with excitement! I always love it when people take photos in their new empty house, these first few moments are filled with such bliss and it's always so neat to look back and see how the things around them will change over the years! New paint colors, hanging up photos, new decor, and furniture!

I know that these two will fill this house up with laughter and memories and I'm just so thankful that this house will continue to be a home for another great couple. They made this whole process beyond easy and I'm so happy that this place is now theirs! Eric & Emily, congratulations on your new home! You two deserve nothing but the best!!


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