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Emily + Logan: Lake Lyndsay Lodge Wedding Day

I’ve been looking forward to Emily & Logan’s wedding day for so long now and it absolutely blew all of my expectations out of the water! This Til Death Do Us Part, Friday the 13th themed wedding ended up being so incredible and absolutely one for the books! Just wait until you see all the photos from their costumed reception!

Groom spins his new bride in front of a lake at sunset at Lake Lyndsay Lodge in Hamilton, Ohio on their wedding day.

I started off my morning by meeting Emily & her bridesmaids at the Lake Lyndsay Lodge. Lake Lyndsay has a gorgeous bridal suite where we were able to take a few photos of Emily and her bridesmaids in their matching robes before Emily got into her dress. She wore her the same crown her mom wore on her wedding day and it really brought her vision to life! So beautiful! Once Emily was dressed and ready to go, she had first looks with her bridesmaids and her dad!

While I was upstairs with the ladies, my second shooter, Sam, was downstairs with Logan and his groomsmen while they got ready, too!

This first look between Emily and Logan was SO sweet. I love it when couples want to have a first look to capture the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time, but it’s always so special to be able to capture the bride’s reaction to seeing her groom for the first time, too. It’s always one of my favorite moments from a wedding day. After their first look, we took a few couples portraits and I love all of these fall colors!

Emily also surprised her groomsmen with a fun first look before we started bridal party portraits! I love all of the fun that these photos captured!

After we were done with photos, it was time for the ceremony! Emily and Logan had a gorgeous golden hour ceremony at sunset and it was so dreamy. They played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would read their vows first and then they had the BEST unity ceremony! Since Emily & Logan were having a costumed wedding, it was also awesome to see their guests show up to their ceremony already ready for the reception!

After the ceremony, we took a few family photos (but I’m saving those for Emily & Logan to share with you!) before running out to capture the last few minutes of our gorgeous sunset! The sun had been coming in and out of the clouds all afternoon so we were SO lucky it came back out right before it dropped below the horizon. These are my favorite photos from the entire day!

After the sun set, it was time for the reception! I loved all the little details that Emily & Logan incorporated into their reception space to make it spooky, but most of all I loved all of the costumes that their guests wore! While we were out taking photos with the sunset, most of their guests changed into their costumes and it was so awesome to be able to come inside and see how much fun everyone was having! Once the bridal party entered, we listened to speeches, Emily & Logan cut their cake, they shared their first dance (with a fog machine, how cool!!), danced with their parents, tossed the bouquet, and danced the night away! This was such a fun party and everyone was on the dance floor all night long! How fun do the costumes make these photos?!? I’m obsessed! Emily & Logan, thank you so much for trusting me to capture such a special day for you two!! It was incredible!!

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