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Emily + Eric: Engagement Photos

Newly engaged couple stands and looks into the camera with their faces together while taking photos at Conrad Formal Gardens in Oxford, Ohio.

I had the best spring engagement session with Eric & Emily last weekend. What started as a gorgeous sunny day slowly turned into a sky filled with storm clouds, but I love the moodiness that these clouds brought to their evening session. The gardens that Emily decided on for a location ended up being so perfect for this session and since I had never been there before, I was blown away with how beautiful this area was! Eric & Emily are so perfect for one another and I love that they were constantly giggling throughout their entire session with me. I am so excited to share these photos with you and to capture their wedding day for them next year. Instead of just taking engagement photos during their session, we also filmed an engagement film and I can't wait to share that with you once I have it all ready to go here in a few weeks! These two are so sweet together and I love being able to show them off!


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