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Denyse + Jeff: Engagement Photos

Newly engaged couple stands on beach at East Fork Lake in Bethel, Ohio while holding and petting their two small dogs.

I had the best time finally meeting Denyse and Jeff last week for their engagement session! We met via Zoom when they first reached out to me about capturing their elopement for them next spring, but it was so nice to finally meet them in person! Not only the two of them, but their fur babies Tako & Maki, too! We had the best time capturing allllll the end of summer beach vibes and I love how their photos turned out! Our gorgeous golden hour slowly shifted into a blue hour and we had the best night. To top it all off, Denyse sent me home with the BEST homemade pumpkin cookies for me to snack on while editing! So sweet! I hope you like their photos as much as I do!


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