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Danielle + Brandon: Wedding Day

If anyone deserved to have their dream wedding day come to life, it's Danielle & Brandon. They've been through so much this year and just as they were about to have their big wedding day back in March, COVID-19 hit us and they had to postpone. They still got married with a beautiful backyard ceremony, but I know that they both really wanted to have their big reception to celebrate. They ended up postponing their day at the Lake Lyndsay Lodge until August, but once wedding week came, so did Hurricane Laura. It was predicted to storm almost daily for the entire week, but luckily enough we had nothing but beautiful skies and perfect weather. If anyone deserved to have the perfect day, it was these two. I am SO excited to finally share Danielle & Brandon's 5-month-vow-renewal/wedding-celebration with you!

I spent the morning with Danielle and her bridesmaids as they got ready for the day. It was absolutely wonderful to see how happy Danielle was to be getting ready surrounded by all of her best friends. Back in March, she sat at a kitchen table with just a few family members as she did her own makeup for her small ceremony. You could tell that she really appreciated being able to have everyone she loved around her this time. Her bridesmaids had the BEST reaction to seeing her all dressed up for the first time and while I was upstairs hanging out with all of them, my second shooter Melyssa was outside spending time with Brandon and his groomsmen. They spent the morning laughing and joking in their matching American flag socks!

Once Brandon & Danielle were dressed and ready, we headed outside for their first look. This was the sweetest moment and Brandon couldn't believe that Danielle looked even better than she did in March! Their bridal party watched from the windows above as Danielle gave Brandon a new watch and it was so sweet to see their reaction to seeing the happy bride & groom. After their first look we took a few couples portraits near the lake (which is really sentimental to them!) and this veil was SOOOOOO dreamy to work with!! I'm in love with how all of these shots turned out!