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Christina + Nicholas: Engagement Photos

This past week, Christina & Nicholas made the trip down to Cincinnati to meet up with me for their engagement session. We really did have the perfect evening; warm weather, a gorgeous sunset, and SO many smiles. These two are the absolute sweetest & I had a blast documenting their love while we ran around in the setting sun. I am beyond excited to see them again this November & capture their wedding day!

Christina & Nicholas graduated from nursing school just a few weeks ago and recently found out that they both passed their boards! Wooo!! They're now both working brand new jobs & are loving learning so many new skills in their careers. To celebrate, they each wore a set of scrubs to kick off their engagement photos with a few fun poses. After they changed, we started exploring & I'm absolutely in love with how these photos turned out.

This session started out like most of my engagement sessions do. Christina & Nicholas both said that they weren't sure how their session would go since they're "not very good" in front of the camera. They have never had professional photos taken together & were nervous that they wouldn't know what to do. Let me just say, these two were absolutely incredible in front of the camera and did nothing but make one another laugh! Their love completely shines through these photos & it proves they had nothing to worry about!

Christina & Nicholas, thank you so much for making the trip down to see me for your engagement photos. These images represent your incredible love for one another and I'm so glad that we truly got the perfect evening for photos. Your wedding in November is going to be absolutely beautiful and I'm so thankful you've trusted me to come and document it for you! It's going to be wonderful!


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