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Cassidie + Matthew: Pregnancy Announcement

Now that the lab results are in, I'm so excited to share the photos from Cassidie & Matthew's pregnancy announcement session! They brought along the cutest props & their dog Nova couldn't be more excited to become an official big sister!

Cassidie & Matthew got married this past September and I am BEYOND excited for them! Cassidie is one of my cousins & I already see how great of an aunt she is to her two favorite nephews and I just know that she and Matthew will be such great parents. I can't wait to meet their sweet new baby in November!

Our original plan was to head down to a little beach for gorgeous sunset photos, but with all the rain that we've had lately the river was completely flooded. We were lucky enough to have the rain hold off for this little session & we ended up having an absolutely beautiful night for photos, even with the last minute location change! It poured on my entire ride home, so we ended up having perfect timing for everything :) Congratulations again, Cassidie & Matthew! I am so excited for you two to become parents and welcome Baby Gardner into the world in November!!


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