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Brie + Chip: Wedding Day

In early January, I received an email from a bubbly bride letting me know that she would love to sit down for coffee and talk about the possibility of me photographing her wedding day. She was planning a mid October wedding and had a perfect vision in mind for it. After telling me a bit more about it, I was SO excited. Brie let me know that she loved the dark & moody style of my photography and my ability to capture both the big moments and little details throughout a wedding day, so she booked me as her photographer. A few months ago I met Chip for the first time while we were taking their engagement photos and I just knew that these two would be a blast to work with on their wedding day. I started the afternoon off by meeting Brie, Chip, their families, and bridal party at Spring Grove Cemetery. Brie & Chip were really striving for a spooky, Till Death Do Us Part theme for the day and they absolutely NAILED it. This was one of the most unique weddings I've ever had the pleasure of capturing and it was so much fun to be included in the day. It was also so awesome to be back at Spring Grove Cemetery. If you've been following my photography since the beginning, Spring Grove Cemetery was where I went for ALL of my sessions back in the day, haha! I hadn't had a session here in almost six years!! I'll save the family photos for Brie & Chip to share, but I will share a few of my favorites from working with this awesome bridal party!!

After finishing up with the bridal party, I took a few moments to take a few photos of Brie & Chip alone together. These two are the absolute sweetest and constantly make one another giggle. One of my favorite parts about my job is being able to capture the genuine love and emotion between people and Brie & Chip were filled with butterflies on this day. We actually had such a PERFECT day weather wise, too. Sunny & warm for October, it was beautiful. Being able to take all the photos at Spring Grove was awesome, it went perfectly with the theme of the day!

What's even better than just stopping by Spring Grove for photos? Actually getting married in the chapel there. That's right, Brie & Chip became husband and wife in the Norman Chapel. They actually decided to read their own vows to one another, and let me just stop here and take a moments to appreciate that. They were BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful to the point where I was thankful I had my camera blocking my face because of the tears forming in my eyes. Chip joked after the ceremony that he's not sure what the exact cost of the wedding day was, but he knows that he can thank his $30,000 degree in english for being able to write the perfect vows for Brie. And perfect they were. The Norman Chapel was absolutely beautiful and the two were married by Kim with Alternative Weddings. She's actually based out of Columbus and Brie contacted her after seeing that one of the options she offered with her officiant services was using her hearse as a getaway car after the ceremony! What!! How awesome is that? Kim was so sweet and her hearse fit into the day perfectly.